Monday, January 26, 2009

More Than a Meal

Amazingly, after postponing Friday, lunch ran smoothly today.
I awoke this morning all comfy cozy in my bed and dawdled with the idea of rolling over and catching some extra zzz's when the thought,"Today's the day." hit me like a boulder to the chest. Adrenelin rushing, I jumped from the covers to face the day.
Of course my brain was spitting questions like a semi-automatic pistol: "What if she doesn't show? What if she does? What if she ridicules my life? What if she wants more than I'm willing to give? What if she's really changed? What if- blah blah blah."
We'd changed the restaurant location three times and I had no idea where I was headed, but I was willing to bet it was probably right outside her doorstep. (Later I would be proven wrong. Yes, it ended up being closer to her house but still a bit of a drive away.)
She arrived shortly after I walked into the restaurant and secured a table. Carrying in a scrapbook, my tree she made, and a few other items she juggled nervously, it was time for us to talk after so many years. The scrapbook was definitely a Godsent and a perfect icebreaker.
To keep a ramble down to size, we'll say lunch was full of small talk, good food, and an added surprise. She gave me a necklace she bought a long time ago for me...just after we stopped talking. It went well enough, I even drove down the road to her house and stayed a bit.
There were glimpses of the vain, self-centered woman she used to be, but I had to chalk up that chatter to her nervousness. Overall, she made herself available and willing to listen. Accepting even...of my life and of me. And I no longer saw her as the person who had me, left me, and owed me something. Today- after many years- I allowed her to be human in my eyes...human with feelings.
No, I am far from ready to tear down my safety nets, but I am willing to float along this journey and see where it leads.
I found it rather ironic that she made me a tree center piece. A tree!
Back when I began my last series of counseling sessions, my therapist told me a story about trees: They are not confused. When the sun rises each morning, they know their purpose and are accepting of that just be a tree. They see a cat and don't want to be a cat...a tree is what they are and it is good enough. No confusion. On that note, she's my mother...she's human...she has feelings...and yes, today that too is good enough.


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