Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quiet Jubilation

How about a day of jubilation...not a loud one- but a soft, quiet, peaceful day within ourselves where everything is okay just the way it is...not complicate the day with our own agendas but let the day unfold as it is meant to be...and better still, be okay with it - just the way it is.
The other day, I climbed some trails in the woods and found a clearing where you could see for miles- trees, mountains, lakes...the view was indescribable really. As I stood there awestruck, I realized there was not a sound on this cliff- no planes, no birds, no frogs, no crickets, not even a breeze...just total peace....and silence. The world seemed to stand totally still and for those few minutes in time, my humanness didn't the grand scheme of things, my bills, responsibilities, and desires don't dictate who I am....that is solely dependent on how I choose to interact with my world (*operative word: choose!*)....can I live, love and laugh enough to make a difference? can I breathe joy into another's eyes? can I touch someone so deeply they never forget the feeling of safety and compassion? yes, can I be the change the world so desperately needs? Can I learn to just 'be' and be content in my existence- just as it 'is' the rocks on the cliff, the trees in the forest, and the clouds overhead....can I be peaceful within knowing everything unfolds as it is meant to be- all I have to do is 'show up' each day? Live expectantly, love unconditionally, and laugh wholeheartedly....

For a minute, picture yourself 200 feet up...your shoes firmly on the ground...the warmth of the sun caressing your face...see the world before you...trees- green, orange, red, and yellow....lakes- blue with white ripples....the sky- blue with big puffy white and grayish clouds...and feel the silence- peaceful, calming, and present....for these small seconds, watch as it begins to move slowly around you...then just as you think you've had enough- stop thinking! and reach within yourself ...deep down inside where your heart beat meets your, breathe from there, observe from there, be present from there....feels pretty great doesn't it? stay as long as you'd like- this place inside you is always there!! Even when Sally has painted the puppy a beautiful shade of lilac using your new nail polish...or Johnny is tearing at your coat tails to use the computer and take you away from your work....the key is to find this place of total equanimity and know you can always return to its comfort- no matter what!
When we can learn to live from this quiet space within ourselves and allow life to unfold as it is meant to be, we can find peace- comfortably floating and not struggling with agendas. Takes some practice, but it is there for the learning. Imagine a world full of people living and breathing that awesome feeling up on the cliff- open minded, accepting, clear headed, peaceful and yes, compassionate... sounds like heaven on earth to me...
Today that is what I wish for each of you... moments of clarity and a peaceful spirit.

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