Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Ask You- What if...

There's too much hate in the world.
What if...tomorrow we awakened and the labels society gives us were meaningless...non-existent words no longer living on anyone's breath?
What if...when a baby was born, genetics didn't define his/her skin, hair, or eye color... size, shape or stature...predispositions to disease or intelligence...all were left up to fate?
What if...there were no more organized religions ...Protestants, Jews, Catholics, Buddhists, etc all walked the earth with no label, no separation? After all, isn't the bottom line to walk together as equals and love all living beings as much as we love ourselves?
What if...when we looked at each other, all we could see is a color, no sexual orientation, no height nor weight...just a soul equal to our own eternal life force?
What if...we learned to love from our spirit and to connect to and love another's true nature?
What if...everyone lived expectantly- jumping out of bed each morning just happy to be breathing... believing and knowing something amazing would happen before day's awe of this life we so take for granted?
What if...we all learned to breathe from within, deep within our spirit, mindful of only this very moment and the goodness it has to offer?
What if there was truth in what ifs?


  1. I wish I could think that way! I struggle to find the good in my days and my weeks and my life.

  2. What if's are hard for me. I try not to ask what if, because if I ask what if, it is the same as asking why, and maybe I won'tlike or be able to handle the answer. So I avoid what if's. But I like you what if's what a wonderful world this would be with your what if's.

  3. hey there - thanks for stopping by my blog and being a follower!! your posts are interesting and insightful and i'll be back! pleasedtameetcha as they say where i come from ;).