Friday, February 20, 2009

Facing Challenges- Part Three- Final

Hello my friends...
Here we are on part three and my thoughts are tired...perhaps a bit jumbled, but the blog must go on! lol... In part two we did some soul searching and after a few questions, we came to the realization that we matter. We validated our own existence. Confidence began to stir.

It is here we ask, "How do I change things? Make them more manageable? Attack problems successfully?" There are some great ideas found in quotations. The one that quickly comes to mind is, "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change." (Wayne Dyer) Let's see where this idea leads us...
Perhaps we've always wanted to be a professional football player. The idea makes our heart race and the adrenalin rush is euphoric. While our confidence laid dormant, we looked at this dream as unreachable. Our thoughts buried it deeper each day. "I'm only 145 pounds. They won't ever want me." "There's only so many people who ever make it big in this sport. Why would they choose me above the others?" "I didn't play college ball therefore I'm not good enough." We compound our misery until we are immersed in failure. The dream is broken before it even has a chance to be born. And us? We're left feeling empty, frustrated and overwhelmed.
Looking at the same dream in a new light....holding our validation and confidence in hand....we begin to see new opportunities. We stop sabotaging our desires. "So what if I am not as big as the other guys?! I can run twice as fast!" "I have as much chance as any other athlete to be selected to a team." "Who says college ball is a prerequisite? I've worked on my skills since high school by playing with the local guys. I have enough desire and determination to make up for not playing in a college." We've replaced the negativity with positive thoughts...again, building our confidence in our ability to achieve. We're left feeling hopeful, excited and confident. The world is our playground- grab some trucks and shovels!
Unfortunately, this new thought groove does not manifest itself overnight. It takes conscious effort and practice... seeing things as they are and then replacing every nagging negative thought with something fresh, new and positive. Eventually we don't even realize it's happening, but our minds begin to change and our ideas begin to take on a more open, optimistic viewpoint. Our dreams seem reachable. Our obstacles seem destructible. And with every successful achievement, we gain more confidence...we stop dogging and doubting ourselves. Here in this mind space, there's no limit to what we can accomplish! Not only do we believe we CAN overcome obstacles, we WANT to....our drive and determination have come alive.
Personally, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I'd given up on success long before I had the chance to pursue any vocation. I did know what type of person I wanted to be. In retrospect, there was always someone present in my life who represented this person. Strong, powerful, intelligent, and creative women who had control of their lives. Each knew what they were capable of and never settled for less. Each also saw my capabilities and continually pushed me forward...until I pushed them away. But ya know, they never really left...they just gave me space....loved me enough to let me go...and yes, today I have much better than before.
Okay, where are we? We've developed our self-confidence, we feel validated from within, we've compassionately converted our negative thoughts to positives, and we've become aware of new drive and determination. Wow- how cool is that?!
Yes, it's time to take a moment just to breathe! Celebrate! We're feeling pretty good and life is looking a whole lot better! Sure there are still occasional fast balls coming in our direction, but they don't seem as scary anymore. We know how to duck! lol We've developed our coping skills...we're ready.
In this quiet moment of jubilation, take time to really feel the goodness. Not just a "Hurray I did it, what's next?" Let the feeling linger...feel it. Breathe. Feel it some more. This warm fuzziness is the quiet, comforting jubilation we've been missing while immersed in nothing but chaos. It's the goodness we'd forgotten how to feel while lost amongst our inner turmoil.
Okay, my friends, I could continue through about five more blog entries, but I will stop here. One final thought, when we can learn to remain mindfully in this moment, we are focused and giving 100 percent to whatever activity we are experiencing. There is no fear of the next thing or the future....there is no depression for past regrets and mistakes...but there sure is a moment of pure opportunity...we have a blank slate (tabula rasa) in which to create anything our hearts and souls desire... It is here where joy breathes and I hope you'll share its refreshing air.

On that note, good's wishing you peace, compassion, and yes, love, the greatest gift of all. Hugs :o)


  1. Yep! Living in the present! I really loved your series of three blogs. They had me nodding, yes yes yes. Celebrate! One day at a time.

  2. what a great blog you have here. i'll be back to read some more...