Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Such a Geek!

Jumped out of bed, all excited, no I didn't win the lottery last night, but I was nominated for four different Bloggie 0scars tonite! Now that, to someone who loves to write, is top honors! (Most Inspiring Blog Post, Best Yuwie blog, Best Creative Writing Blog, and Best Original Work)

Keeping this short, you can check out all the cool details at: 2ND ANNUAL BLOGGIE 0SCARS

Yes, it's a global social networking site that pays its users to submit content and interact with each other. Will anyone get rich there? Probably not. I personally have made about 30 bucks in the past six months just by chit chatting with people. Admittedly, I'm addicted to the connections I've build with friends all over the world and go there to at least check in daily. If you want to take a look and give it a whirl yourself here's a link: ONE OF MY HANGOUTS

Wish me luck and have a super day all. Hugs :o)
OH, and here's your own invitation to the event:


  1. Is it really "such an honor just to be nominated"? Or is that line bullshit? Congratulations in any case!

  2. congrats@!!!!! im sure you deserve it@!!!!!