Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home Again

It was like going home again.
The sun cast its rays upon the waves leaving millions of sparkling diamonds crashing on the beach. With each slap at my feet, the water retreated to its depths for yet another cycle. Continuous. Endless. Peaceful. Pure. As I stood gazing ahead lost in the beauty of what truly is, the magnificence of the moment mesmerized my very being...glued to the ultimate reality of what matters most.
My heart synchronized its beating to the breathing of all that laid before me. The windy silence had a warmth to it...a calm pulse...almost touchable with my palms as they whisked away watery foam to grasp an opalescent shell from the shore. As the autumn sun hung brilliantly overhead, an incredible feeling of oneness united my soul with the beauty of this afternoon.
There was nowhere else on earth I would've chosen to be for this moment in time. Magnetized to the sandy shore, I walked under the bowl-shaped sky as every fear, every sadness, and every uncertainty washed away with the tide and all that remained was a quiet inner jubilation.
Fearlessness had led me here to the safety of this undeniable vulnerability and like the seagulls gliding across the waves, I floated calmly, trusting in the goodness of the moment.
As the night approached to reclaim the darkness, the horizon blended the skies and waters into one entity. The world had gone to sleep until morning when the sun would awaken the beach to breathe another day. I had come home and now fully believed in 'what is.'
Daybreak found me surveying the waters before my departure and the enormity of my shared oneness with the sand, surf and sunshine were enough to birth happy tears in the corners of my eyes. Evidence of my own inner peace and joy.
Down the highway with plans to return, I knew I'd found a special place where I could run to, relax within and find comfortable solitude anytime I felt the need. Magic had been created as I breathed the salty air.
There's no denying how incredible the weekend came to be...but its specialness will only be known to those who chose to feel its beauty and relax into its silence...I'm glad I took the time to live through my senses for a few moments in the 'nth' degree.
Here's wishing each of you a special time when the world stands still and touches you deeply.

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